A Walk in Resource and Support Centre

Action in Autism provides a comprehensive service to families: information booklets on autism, a list of health care professionals that service our people with autism, and a comprehensive list of schools for people with autism. We support families in accessing a diagnosis, accessing a social grant, and accessing an educational facility to cater for the specific needs of their child.

An Early Learning Intervention Centre

childrenIn line with our objectives to provide resources for children with autism, Action in Autism has established an Early Learning Intervention and Educational Centre for Infants and Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. This was established as a pilot programme for the government to emulate. It is the first early intervention centre in KwaZulu-Natal that caters for learners with autism.

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Monthly Support Meetings

parentsAction in Autism meets once a month with its constituency to provide a platform for invited experts to inform, educate and support parents; to establish lobbying and advocacy strategies to further the cause of people with autism; and to lobby government to provide educational facilities for our children with autism. It is also a platform for network and support.

The Sibling support group runs concurrently with the parents support group and is facilitated by psychologist Krystel Assouga and Taegan Devar. The Aspies Support Group is facilitated by psychology masters student, Shelley Rogers and Chris Sparks, an adult with aspergers.

Social Gatherings

familyAction in Autism regularly organises social bring and braai gatherings to allow parents and children much needed respite and a rare opportunity to relax.

Because of the stress and paucity of support facilities there are few opportunities for families to socialise.

Awareness / Fund Raising Initiatives


Action in Autism hosts an annual public World National Awareness Day in the month of April. A week before the event Action in Autism hosts a pizza and paint day for families to make their own posters.

A Monthly Diagnostic Clinic

Community ClinicAction in Autism hosts a free monthly diagnostic and assessment clinic. Through the services offered by eminent consultant psychiatrist Dr. M. S Salduker, Action in Autism continues to provide a service to those most in need.

Government Lobbying

Through our lobbying and advocacy efforts, Action in Autism galvanised the Department of Education KZN to transform 13 schools to cater for learners with autism spectrum disorder. Historically there was no school that catered solely for people with autism. Using government policy White Paper 6 on Inclusive Education (2001) and The South African Schools Act, Action in Autism has fast tracked the delivery of education to people with autism.

In 2010 we co-hosted an Autism Indaba with the Department of Education KZN – through this initiative all 72 Special needs schools will be transformed to cater for people with autism by 2014.

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